##****Cute Wood Sled Decor Wall Hanging Merry Christmas Vintage

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This first pic below displays this cute vintage Merry Christmas wood sled or wall hanging along with Thro by Mario Lorenz. Christmasy with green and red sequins 17" x17" throw pillow cover and Layton Home Furnishings 100% Cotton Made In USA Merry Christmas compete throw pillow!!  

Dimensions of the actual wood part of sled are 26" Long x 14" Wide X 6" Tall, but with the rope handle added it's 38 1/2" Long, so it might be a little large for a wall hanging.  The actual color was hard to get right in these pics, but pic #2 below is the green color!!  Love how this cute wood sled has a teddy bear with scarf, holding a candy cane.  4 sets of holly leaves running down it, with this rustic rope handle, what else could you ask for??  This vintage sled is built well and strong, would suggest using as home decor indoors, not for sledding.  So your cute kids or fur babies can sit or stand on it for pics with no worries!!


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