Deer Vase Vintage Art Deco Dolbi Cashier Large Frosted

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This Mid Century Deco (1960's) so different & unique embossed raised deer on a very unique shaped and huge large sized frosted vase. These raised embossed animals are traveling all the way around this so pretty vase and could be Impala or Gazelles not sure.  

This large unique Art Deco beauty is from the 1960's, with Dolbi Cashier embossed on the bottom.  

Dimensions are 20" x 12" x 6". Vase is in Awesome Vintage Condition with a couple light scuffs in the frosting part, a vintage vase that is gently used, would expect to have these. There is a small imperfection on the outside of vase lip, it's not sharp and vase may have been made this way, see last pic to see.  

Reading up on Dolbi Cashier found out that Dolbi Cashier sold high end decorative items, the Art Deco items were their earlier pieces and were marked & embossed on the bottom.  In later years they used a foil label.  

Today they are known as Gallery House/Dolbi Cashier


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