SOLD Most Items Are 1 Of"s: Vintage #Music Jewelry Trinket Box Engraved #Silver Plated Footed

  • $25.00 USD

#Very Decorative & Functional #Vintage #Music Jewelry Trinket Box Engraved #Silver Plated Footed "DIEU ET MONDROIT" Engraving appears on a scroll beneath the shield of the coat of arms of the United Kingdom.   This item is tarnished, see in the pictures, but I like it that way for my more rustic decor taste.  When you open the music box after winding it plays the Theme from Love Story for 2 minutes.  When you close the lid the music stops.  Love that this piece is so multi purpose!!  Have seen these as jewelry and trinket boxes, but pretty rare to find this item in music box that works too!!

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