SOLD RaisinRak Wood Tray With Vintage W.K. Kellogg Little Girl Ad Antique

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This chippylicious antique RaisinRak wood tray is the actual wooden racks they used to dry raisins on in California.  Each one has a late 1800's early 1900's advertisement decoupaged onto it back from the early 1970's. This one has a little girl leaning on a wood chair holding a spoon and smiling with a little box of Kellogg's Toasted Corn Flakes W.K. Kellogg up in the left hand corner of this piece. This RaisinRak tray does not have it's original certificate on the back. It also has an approximate 3 1/2" long piece of wood split off from the left hand side of the wood tray that I will send along with it.  Even if this piece of wood is added back to the left hand side there is still a wood piece approx 1 1/2" long still missing from this side and because of the dark wood coloring this piece looks like it's been missing a long time maybe from the beginning.


This piece is not perfect but is very rusticy awesome, because of the weathering in drying sun the side handles are tiny bit loose so would recommend using as a decorative piece, wall hanging or display piece only and not for carrying around heavy stuff.  

More info about RaisinRaks.  For over a century in the great central valley of California plump ripe grapes were spread out on large wooden racks and dried into tender sweet raisins under the bright sun.  Modern methods have out-dated the drying racks, these wood now sun-weathered and often aged over 100 years.  A turn-of-century style art poster has been handcut and mounted on each rack.  No two RaisinRaks are exactly alike.  

Dimensions for this tray are  24" X 15 1/4" x 2 1/8" tall.



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