SOLD MOST ITEMS ARE ! OFS Vintage Mid Century Hand Carved Wooden

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Found these 2 carved seperate wood treasure beauties (last pic) at an estate sale in FL (downsizing) where the owner had quite a few wooden carved figurines and other items.  I was attracted to these two because they are functional as well as decoratative!!  The bottom of the heavier Vintage Mid Century Round Barrel Wood Container Box has "66" written on it (hard to see) & a black oblong mark on the bottom of the container, the lid has "66" on it also.  In beautiful condition for being vintage!!  4th pic shows the inside of box, which has water stain drops drips on the sides and bottom of.  Flowers, stems and leaves make up the carving. Dimensions 8" tall with lid, 5 5/8" wide at bottom 4 1/2" wide inside.   Container & Carved Lid

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