SOLD Wall Pockets 2 Rustic Metal Wire Waffle Cone Shape Pale Yellow

  • $28.99 USD

When I first saw these two summery vintagey looking rustic cone cuties, I thought hmmm ice cream, because of their waffle cone look and shape!!  Both are a vintagey light yellow in color, with 1 of them having a little more green and distressing on it than the other.  One of cone's ball shape at the bottom looks a little different than the ball shape bottom of the other which makes me wonder if these were hand made and aren't supposed to be identical??  Dimensions are approx 14 1/2" tall, 6" across at the top scrolling, 2" deep.  Gorgeous!!  For demo purposes only, I put gold feathery things and flowers in them so you can see how good they look (these are not included) I also love that there are 3 different options for hanging these up.  You can use the metal scroll at the top to hang, or see the last pic for the other 2 holes options.

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