SOLD 2 Throw Pillows Pottery Barn Crewel Medallion + PB Inserts Discontinued

  • $34.99 USD

Two Nice 20"x20" Bright Green & Creamy Khaki Tan (1st 2 pics show coloring) #Pottery Barn #Throw Pillow Covers are 100% Cotton. The Pottery Barn Pillow Inserts are White Goose Feathers Down Inserts.  The two inserts still have price tag of $14 on them.  Gently Used.  These pillow covers have been gently washed & laid flat to dry on drying rack, but not the inserts as the label says "Dry Clean Only".  Back does not have crewel (see pic) and has envelope closure. Also comes with one of the original tags that I found in one of the pillow covers.

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