Lamp Ceramic Bryon & Hershey Molds Vintage & Lined Lamp Shade

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How Sweet A Face Is This Vintage Ceramic Face??!!  Or that Vintage Green Eyed Kitty playing with it's yarn??  One of a kind lamp & Lined Lamp Shade!!  On the bottom of this lamp (2nd to last pic) is marked "Hershey Molds", so I contacted Hershey Molds via e-mail and they responded that the actual Bonnet Girl figurine portion is a Bryon Mold 1974 that is attached to their 1978 Hershey Mold, with the whole thing being custom made into this so cute 17" Tall Lamp without the shade, 8" Wide at the base.   On the back of the base there are some chips & missing paint, see pics. Vintage Character (Gently Used.  I checked and Lamp works, see last photo.  FYI, I added the gently used lamp shade to make a whole lamp set. Bonnet Girl W Spinning Wheel & Cat Kitty #farmhouse #shabbychic #vintage #cottagey

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