SOLD MOST ITEMS ARE ! OFS Cherub Sitting Angel Statue Figure Stamped By Art-Tech

  • $32.99 USD

Found this "By Art-Tech" cherub angel at an estate sale in Tallahassee, FL, where the owner was downsizing.  Cherub Angel has a piece of toe missing on it's left foot, and has rough spot on.the right angel wing.  Dimensions are: Approx Height 12" x Wide 8" X Deep 7".  Not sure what "By Art-Tech" stamp means, as I could not find any info about this stamp online.  Owner kept this sitting meditation angel indoors her home sunroom.  Believe this is an indoor or outdoor statue figure, but I am not sure what Angel is made from, even though it looks like cement it's not as heavy as cement.  Angel is kinda heavy at 59 oz. just by itself, but cement would be alot heavier.

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