Candle Holder Bronze Metal Rustic 7 Place Tea Votive w Vines Berries Leaves

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Included with this awesome Rustic 7 place bronze metal candle holder are Seven Sweet LED Flameless LED Tea Votive Light Candles, plastic tabs are still on them, so you know they have never been used. By reading all the reviews, these are the ones that had the best reviews on Amazon.  The vines wrap around this candle holder, and are very flexible, there are also leaves and flowers?? Or are they berries or grapes??  You could take the vines etc off, or change how it's placed on this 7 place candle holder. Don't you just love the choices of this possibly being a conversation piece or decoration or as a functioning 7 place candle holder??  Round bottom dimensions 8" Wide x 7" Tall, x Holder to Holder Across is 10".


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