Brass Deer Pottery Barn Candle Holders Pair (Set of 2)

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These two gorgeous Brass pair of PB Pottery Barn Deer (8 point) taper candle holders are super cute and functional!!  They both still have their original stickers on the bottom of them and have code of 219 2059376 6086.  

Also have the original styrofoam and original box for you to store them in, when out of season!!  

I did start to clean one of these up on the antler area.  So if you want these gently used reindeer shiny would recommend Brasso.  I kind of like their patina, but it's up to you !!

Not sure if these are vintage or not, but they do have a couple of tarnish spots from being in storage. Last pic shows one of them.   

Dimensions:  7 5/8" Tall x 5 5/8" Wide and are heavy.


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