Throw Pillows 2nd One FREE Palais Royale Pleated Droplets Deco Set of 2

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Two Bed Bath & Beyond 12"x16" Complete Throw Pillows (including pillow inserts) The one pillow cover looks great, the second has a little issue on one of the front pleats (see last picture).  I did not notice it when I bought these, but when going over with a fine tooth comb found this slight issue, that is why this second throw pillow is FREE.  These shimmering beige (more bronze color) fabric throw pillow covers have 1 tag inside that say "Palais Royale" only.  The pillow inserts have 3 tags on them with the price of $39.99 each on them.  These pleated throw pillows also would look great on your sofa, bed or chair.  Per Bed Bath & Beyond website these are soldout online. Gently Used.

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