Throw Pillow Covers Embroidered Linen Lumbar 22 1/2" x 15" Set of 2

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These two light teal aqua turquoise color fine linen (or cotton) 22 1/2" x 15" lumbar or boudoir throw pillow covers are made with an invisible closure.  They both have PCB initial embroidered on the front of them, so I do not know if these were originally custom ordered throw pillow covers.  The back is same material as the front but without embroidery.  All edges have same material linen/cotton piping.  These are both very gently used and very soft, with no scratchiness at all.  Can feel the quality that these 2 have for either your sofa or your bed.  No labels on these 2, they look like they have been washed before.  Gorgeousness!!

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