Basket Bushel With Fruit Thickly Covered Batting Material

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What do you think you would use this basket for?? Knitting Basket?? Storage?? Art Piece?? Fruit?? Conversation Piece??  This super cute basket has batting and fruit material covering bushel basket (can feel it underneath), it also has a really thick made of the same material braided handle, black lining inside basket appears to be the same material as on the bottom of this piece.  This fruit material covered basket has apples, pears, grapes, cherries & blackberries design on it.  Gently Used.  Not sure if this basket is vintage, but it is so well made & looks like it's custom made by someone who was a seamtress with an awesome vision, Basket does not have any labels or identifiers on it.  I can't imagine how long this took to create!!  Dimensions are:  Top Diameter 14 1/2" Bottom Diameter 11 1/2". Basket to the top of handle is 20" Tall, to top of basket without handle is 10" Tall.

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