##******Bear Carved Wood Hearts Made In Thailand

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Oh I am soo sad, sniff as I was putting these cute bears into a box, my arm hit the countertop and one bear went flying and got his leg broken, see first pic.  I will still leave bears on my site here at a reduced price.  But one bear is now 2 pieces of wood, instead of being carved out of 1 piece of wood like his counterpart!!  If you just want the one bear I would understand.  Both as a set priced $9.99 for the pair!!

 Wouldn't these cuties be perfect for your Valentine??  These vintage cutest bears holding a heart says it all!!  Both are wearing painted on green jackets!!  

Approx Dimensions 5 1/2" tall, 4" wide, 3 1/2 deep.

Found at downsizing estate sale, previous told me said she had them forever!! 


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