Sherrie's Question To You: Have You Ever Had This Happen To You Shopping??

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This is from my Friday Sept 9, 2016, Instagram Post @sherriesluckyqualityfinds: Happy Happy Friday my friends!!  Here is my rest of the story from my pillow mantra of yesterday's post. Today's (Friday) and yesterday's (Thursday) vignettes are all found items from my same thrift shopping trip.

All of my thrift gathering items were sooo heavy I couldn't even begin to juggle them all and this thrift store has those little carry around baskets with those 2 wire handles, like in your grocery store.
Normally I would take stuff to the counter to hold while I shopped, but there was another shopper who was like a whirlwind and exuding energy I could really feel.  My gut feeling was telling me not to leave any of my large assortment of items because they might not be there when I got back. So I ended up borrowing one of the volunteers cart on wheels to get my collected items up to the counter.

Somehow I ended up behind her at checkout, but even while she was paying the cashier she was touching my collection especially Large Big Buddha Granada Hobo Boho Burnt Orange Cognac color large tote shoulder handbag and she's saying wished she had seen it first.   (Fyi I just listed this gorgeousness burnt orange shoulder handbag on my website today!!)
Now I have had folks come up to me and ask me if I was for sure going to buy something, just in case. but never this into your personal space thing. 

So my question is "Have you ever run into anyone like this shopping"??

Any questions or comments, please go ahead and leave your story or comments below or contact me via e-mail at
Thank you all for your support!!
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