Sherrie's - Antique Vintage Superior Beer Crate Awesome Ottoman

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Being that we needed an ottoman for our 2nd club chair.  So using an idea from Pinterest that was inspired by an old Superior Beer Crate (that we have had forever) and a sample piece of gorgeous beautiful Abercrombie Textiles sample "Metro" Chili color that was found at our resale shop on clearance for 50 cents. Using really thick memory foam, along with a shelf (cut to size) from an old kitchen cabinet, we were able to staple this really thick material sample to make the removable top for storage, as the bottom of top fits into the crate.  

Then surprise the hubs took his hole saw and made 3 inch little rounds that we lightly sanded down the edges on and glued 4 of the rounds to the bottom of the crate, you can see them in the last picture.  This project was sooo much fun and loved seeing it all come together.  The Bad & the Best of all our is our hand stapler broke and quit working during the stapling of the fabric onto the shelf board, so we "had" to buy another stapler, but this time we went a #Bostitch Pneumatic Stapler, which is air compressor driven and this thing is awesome.   We have used this new stapler for many more repair projects, especially on our screen porch for stretching and re-stapling the screening, where birds hit the screen. 


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